The Benefits of Staging






You may believe that your home is beautiful, and in many instances you may be correct. However, the benefits of staging your home in today’s competitive market vastly out way the cons. The moment someone decides to sell their home you immediately must commit to not just decorating it to be more presentable, but by creating an environment where potential buyers can picture themselves living within its walls and establish your home as a ‘must have.’ Staging does not just mean that the owners redecorate based off of the staging companies recommendations, but they must fully detach themselves form the environment they have come to know and love and create something that can be seen as a work of art.

The goal of staging a home is not to decorate it to showcase the owners triumphs and story, but to convey a story that everyone can partake in and relate to. This creates an environment that allows buyers to truly feel connected to a home and forces them to imagine themselves living there. Another goal of staging is too evoke a personal reaction from a potential buyer. You need to strike them at a point that makes your home seem memorable and unforgettable. This will keep buyers coming back more and more and it may just push them to speak about your home more openly which can attract other potential clients.

One of the biggest draw backs of not staging your home is clutter. We must all admit that on a daily basis we encounter moments of stress and anxiety. Often times this is because of bunched up schedules and overlapping plans, or in other words clutter. Clutter can be a distraction and for most buyers, the last thing they want to see when walking into a home is overcrowded and un-utilized spaces that distract them from the true beauty of the house itself. Clutter may also convince a potential buyer that there is not enough storage space within the home to contain it and if you wish to sell your home you must convince any possible buyer that their are limited drawbacks about your home. To put it simply, clean up your act!

Finally, the goal of the staging company is not to create the next Palace of Versailles, but to make it more presentable and obtainable. So the next time you are attempting to sell and your stager suggests moving one piece of furniture to another location or removing it all together, do not take this as a personal blow. They are just attempting to help you create an environment that is not only clutter free, but one that creates continuous flow and positivity throughout the home. Professional staging can be difficult and for some it may feel like your life is being uprooted right from underneath you, but if you truly wish to sell your home it is a MUST. It may be unsettling to see your home completely flipped on its head and precious pieces of art and family heirlooms removed or reorganized to fit the standards of others, but if you want to sell your home or are thinking about the possibility of doing so it is crucial to find a stager who will help fit the needs and wants of others.


– Below are a list of local staging companies that will definitely ensure a smooth and effortless process to help sell your home fast!

Beth Ann Shephard, Dressed Inc. – https://dresseddesign.com/

Stage to Sell – https://stagetosell.biz/

Meredith Baer – https://meridithbaer.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqt27wZ3E5AIVCtbACh2ZXwuTEAAYASAAEgIm1_D_BwE

Vesta Staging – https://vestahome.com/

The Here Company – http://www.theherecompany.com/about